Lillklobb Permaculture is the result of years of study and effort by permaculture designer Joshua Finch. Since he is uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person, just assume that whenever you see “I” anywhere on this site, that is him.

I have been advocating agroecology, permaculture, and holistic solutions to humanity’s formidable challenges for nearly a decade. I moved to Finland in 2012 with the intent to start a small farm putting what I have learned into practice. I wish to demonstrate that, even with Finland’s challenging climate, that this land is as capable as anywhere else of providing for our needs. Now, the work can begin.

My primary goal at Lillklobb Permaculture’s is to inspire others with an economically viable model of landscape management that respects people and our planet. At Lillklobb Permaculture, I seek to embody the spirit of Ernst Götsch: “creating areas of permanent inclusion of humans instead of areas of permanent protection from humans.” This is a different kind of environmentalism, one which asks what can we do as opposed to focusing on what we should not do.

To that end, Lillklobb will once again be a commercial farm, carrying on the site’s 800 year agricultural legacy through the application of modern agroecological land use. The revitalization of Lillklobb as a working farm has begun with the recognition that ecosystems with human inhabitants are better off when our influence is carefully considered and applied to support the whole. My efforts are guided by permaculture design and Holistic Management. These are systems that allow us to fully engage with our species’ evolutionary gifts of tool making, language, and self awareness.

The farm will serve as a living model for those who wish to learn how everyone can put their evolutionary gifts to positive use. Educational and consulting services are intended to support the dispersion of these ideas through comprehensive training in theory and application. My teaching style emphasizes an appreciation of “why” these things work- to the best of our current knowledge- coupled with encouraging honest goal setting during a thorough design phase. To do so, I will be offering everything from individual workshops to personalized curriculum development in order to offer everyone a path towards a better future.

For a detailed look at the vision for the farm, continue reading here.

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